10 Apr

After we learn about Nouns, let’s we continue with Articles..

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“a” and “an” are called indefinite articles because they are normally used to refer  to nonspecific person/thing, while “the” is called a definite article because it is used to refer to a specific person/thing or persons/things.

Use “a/an” when the noun is newly introduced. Use “the” when the noun has been mentioned before, or when the noun is specific.

Use “the” with superlatives and with words like first, most, next, last, same and only.
Pay attention to when the article “the” is used.

“The” is NOT used with names of the following:

  • Months
  • Chemical substances
  • Continents
  • Capes, bays and points
  • Countries and states (exception: the Netherlands, the Philippines)
  • Cities (exception: the Hague)
  • Streets/roads/squares/parks
  • Individual islands
  • Individual mountains and lakes (exception: the Great Salt Lake)
  • airports
  • universities


“The” is used with names of the following:

  • Region
  • Groups of island
  • Groups of lakes
  • Mountain ranges
  • Deserts
  • Peninsulas
  • Oceans, seas, rivers, gulfs, and canals

Used “the” with some adjectives to donate a group of people having the condition described by the adjectives, such as the rich (rich people), the deaf (deaf people), etc.

This construction is always plural in meaning.

Used “the” with all nationality adjectives when you mean the people of that country.

Used “a” with a noun starting with a consonant sound and “an” with a noun starting with a vowel sound.

an herb                        a herbal

an hour                        a half

an honor                      a unit

an SMA student           a university student

Do NOT use articles with plural nouns used to represent a class.

that’s it.. let’s meet in another post ^^


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