130202 Pre-Recording Mucore

1 Feb

The stage is small and simple black and has huge lifesize white letters that say SUPER M JUNIOR the letters had lights in them

Boys looked so good in black jackets with spikes and hyuk in the pink shirt hair still blur and beautiful

Hae had no sunglasses on today!! Eyes looked good. His Hair styled so high

Sungmins hair, it was wavy and split in the center. Many times just standing there quiet

Zhou Mi’s top was see through on the sides!!! But he was wearing a jacket!

Fans shouted HBD!! then Kyu said “Not yet~ Today is Victoria’s. and 2/18 is Changmin’s ㅋ” Anyway Fans sang B-day song for Kyu

Wookie kept making fans sing happy bday to Kyu like three times and then fans chanting for bday hits(?) and hyuk & wookie hit

When Hyuk kicked Kyu’s butt (he tried to avoid being hit by going to the back of the stage). Kyu turned around and glared at Hyuk!

There is part that  Siwon holding onto Kyu side of his stomach leaning in to whisper into his ears

During break the boys were standing at the side off stage a fan calls Kyuhyun oppa and he turns around WAE?

The boys always care about their fans, so theykept asking if we ate.. Right after each other..

Did you eat?


Did you eat??


Did you eat? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Kyu pointed to the side stage where pd guy was trying to tell the fans about waving the balloons.  Sungmin was standing next to pd smiling^^

Eunsihae!!! They were laughing at each other so much because of Hyuks pants while fans screamed over it.

Haes arms omg… At the end when he took off his jacked the black tank he had on showed so much skin skdndkdjdk

Boys did one rehearsal and then filmed it 3 times! They worked hard!~ sweated so much! Omg taking off jackets sweaty bare


cr: @sjissj, @mybaobei, @donghaes, @the_Chess



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